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For Sellers

Here’s how our team will sell your home:

#1 Let’s Get Together

Our first step is to meet in-person at a location that’s most convenient for you. Then, we’ll see your home, review the current market, and determine how our team will help. Afterwards, we’ll send you a meeting summary and plan out our next steps.

#2 Pricing to Sell

Your home’s selling price will be based on the objective value (market value) and subjective value (what buyers are looking for) of your home. To determine that price, our team will complete a Comparative Market Analysis, which compares your home to similar properties that have recently sold in the area.

We’ll also take into account any upgrades or renovations that have recently been completed, or will be completed before the home is listed. The real value with us lies in our ability to suggest and help execute renovations that will significantly bump the sale price. We’ll provide you with a spreadsheet that explores different sale outcomes depending on the renovations you make, breaking down each scenario by cost, benefits, profit margins, timelines, and risks.

#3 Prep Work

Need to clean, paint, or modernize your home? We’ve got you covered! We’ll coordinate a team of trusted home improvements professionals to make your home look its absolute best before it’s listed. From home inspections to picking out the paint colors and finishes, we’ll do all the dirty work to get your home sparkling.

#4 Staging and Finishing Touches

We’ll work with you to determine the extent in which you choose to stage, whether you want to use your own furniture or fill an empty house. We’ll be there from start to finish, from coordinating the inventory and picking the right aesthetic pallet for your home to packing it all up afterwards.

#5 Marketing

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing; we create a customized strategy that creates a buzz around your home and attracts the right buyer. We provide extensive information, include a breakdown of the numbers, neighborhood information, and renovation details–it’s not your average feature sheet. Your home will be advertised through we and digital campaigns using high-quality photography. Buyers will see your home on the MLS, our website, and across social media.

#6 Showings

Make sure you’re ready to accommodate for showings and are able to keep the house looking great. You’ll be immediately notified when a showing is booked and the timing will be catered to your convenience–while keeping in mind that open availability means more buyers and a faster and potentially higher sale.

#7 Offers and Negotiation

Once an offer or offers comes in, we’ll explain the strongest negotiation strategy and negotiate the price, terms, and conditions on your behalf. How we approach this process will depend on whether we have an offer deadline or are accepting them at any time. We’ll explain every detail of the offer to you so you feel confident in your decisions and will you through any pros and cons that an offer presents.

#8 Post Sale Planning

Congrats! Your home is now sold. We’ll provide you with an after-sale checklist to ensure you can enjoy your new home with minimal stress–as well as a bottle of champagne to celebrate, of course!

#9 But Wait, There’s More!

The hard work may be over, but we’re still here to help. Whether it’s been 5 days or 5 years since you’ve sold your home, you can always give us a call, text, or email for advice or real estate help.